We are little and new and strive to be deep and wise. Our interests inform our work, what we do, and the way we work.

We do design through architecture, landscape architecture, events, graphic design and drafting, craft and building, business strategy and planning, urban design, and facilitation. The things we engage in are deep or intimately interconnected across disciplines and categories.

We think in ecologies.

We are both artists and professionals. We want to start conversations, make changes, look at things differently and get things done so that it actually happens.

We are less interested in solutions than we are processes, that is, we are interested in how to get things done and how valuable the how can be

We become part of the ecology, we do ethnographic practice

We are doing all we can to make our ecology better

We do get things done

We think and do big and small

keywords, interests and principles:

diversity, public, citizenry, local, everyday, humility, strategic, criticality, honesty, process, immersed, action-orientated, values-driven, communicative, initiative, permeability, brave (rarely what is easy)