When: February 2016 - ongoing

Location: Drummond (near Castlemaine, Victoria)

Team: Ammon Beyerle, Phillipa Hall, Alex Schmidt

Dean and Sinead bought a beautiful plot of land in Drummond, near Castlemaine, and are planning to move there with their three children. The plot of land is open and slightly-sloped, and has a natural spring feeding a dry creek bed full of weeping willows at one end. In the mid ground there are steep hills and in the background a ridge line of short bush mountains.

Dean called Ammon out of the blue to look at the concept design they already had drawn up with a friend, and now asked here studio to advise and assist with planning the project. The current design imagines two rectangular volumes with drystone gable ends and window sills, which Dean plans to build himself. We are considering how to make the house as energy efficient as possible – using thermal mass, good orientation and roof design.

We are setting up the project at the moment.

(last update 3/3/16)