Ammon Beyerle
M.Arch, B.PD, D.ML, The University of Melbourne + PhD, The University of Melbourne, in progress
Ammon is a passionate and driven researcher, writer and teacher with a background in architecture. He lives in Ballarat. In 2009 he developed Urban Village Melbourne, a multidisciplinary social enterprise interested in arts, design, research, community development and sustainability in public space. Working for five years between France, Germany, Japan and Australia he brings experience in the management of public architectural and structural design projects to here studio. He is currently undertaking a PhD regarding participatory architectural practice in local urban ecologies. blog / curriculum vitae

Michelle Emma James
ARBV 17681, B.Arch, B.PD, The University of Melbourne + M.SSc, RMIT University, in progress
Michelle is an architect who believes design should be accessible, affordable, hands-on and most of all, for people. She brings valuable experience in design, stakeholder consultation and project management to Here Studio. Michelle is the current recipient of the Peter Davies Scholarship for Leadership Ballarat & Western Region. She is also a tutor and lecturer at the University of Melbourne in Architectural Design and Practice. She co-curates Pecha Kucha Melbourne, a quarterly design event, sits on the committee for Chantilly Studio Inc, and is the founder of WELOVEPT, a multidisciplinary group advocating for equitable and accessible public transport through the arts.


Caitlin Conley
M.Arch, The University of Melbourne, B.Arch, Deakin University
Cait grew up around architects, builders and graphic designers; she developed an appreciation for home, place and design from an early age. She is most passionate about incorporating nostalgia, belonging, and historical and personal narrative into her interpretation and appreciation of spaces. She lives in Horsham.

Joseph de Losa
B.Arch, Deakin University, in progress
Joseph has lived and worked as a carpenter in Ballarat for over 20 years. He has been a registered builder for eight years and has worked on domestic, commercial and pre-fab projects. Joseph is currently studying for his Bachelor of Architecture and Design at Deakin University and is interested in passive sustainable design and flexible architecture. He has spent much of the last two years researching and developing new ownership models for urban villages.

Phillipa Hall
B.Sc, M.Arch, P.G.Dip., Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University
Phillipa is a UK qualified architect with experience of integrating new construction into listed and historic structures. Her work at varied practices in the UK furthered her knowledge, working on projects of different scales in the residential and public sectors. She enjoys design which responds to, and enhances, the existing situation, while considering the long term future of the building - socially, physically and environmentally.

Matt Tibballs
B.Envs (Arch), Diploma (French), The University of Melbourne, in progress
Matt is a student architect with an interest in creating culturally significant, communicative and engaging spaces. He believes architecture can improve the way we live socially and environmentally. Matt also pursues his love of literature and languages through his French Diploma.

Han Li
B.Envs, The University of Melbourne + M.Arch, The University of Melbourne, in progress
Han is a recent graduate who loves to capture delightful moments of daily life as inspirations for designing. He believes in architecture that has consciousness for humanity and caring for people. And he likes to dream a lot.

Shane Boland
Diploma Commercial Art, Art Training Institute Melbourne
Shane is a passionate artist, illustrator and teacher with 35 years experience in newspaper, commercial printing and photographic industries. He wants to contribute to form and concept development through pencil, ink, watercolour, charcoal and pastel drawings. He lives in Horsham.

Kelum Palipane
M.Sc (Architecture), B.Sc (Built Environment), The University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka + PhD (by Creative Works), The University of Melbourne, submitted
Kelum is a graduate architect with experience in Melbourne and overseas practices. She is experienced in the development of projects from concept design to construction, particularly residential and school design. Her interests in the socio-cultural implications of design led to her PhD at the University of Melbourne which is about retaining and fostering diverse place-making practices of multi-cultural communities. She lives in Brunswick West.

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